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What I learned about Lasik, Epi-Lasik and other eye procedures

Many people who are looking for the solution to their eyesight problems have probably heard about Lasik eye surgery because it the most popular technology nowadays. However, there are other types of eye surgeries for vision correction that are more suitable to certain eye problems. During pre-consultation with the eye doctor, you will be assessed if you are a potential candidate for Lasik eye surgery; otherwise another option will be considered. For useful information that can help you decide, checkout the Facebook page of Singapore’s LASIK surgeon, Twitter account about Singapore Lasik.

What is Lasik eye surgery?

Lasik is a shortened term used for laser-assisted in-situ-keratomileusis, a procedure that helps patients suffering from astigmatism; nearsightedness and farsightedness to get rid of their eyeglasses and contact lens. The goal of Lasik is help patients gain clear vision through refractive surgery that changes the shape of the cornea at the front of the eye. The eye doctor will assess the condition of your eyes to determine whether you can undergo Lasik eye surgery. Lasik may not be advisable if you have thin corneas or you participate in sports where there are risks of being hit on the face. If you are not a potential candidate for Lasik, the eye doctor will discuss alternative solutions like PRK or Epi-Lasik.

What is PRK eye surgery?

PRK or photorefractive keratectomy is actually the predecessor of the popular Lasik procedure. The eye doctor will likely suggest PRK if you have thin corneas or if you are involved in contact sports. PRK ensures athletes that they will have clear vision without being vulnerable to the risks of playing contact sports. The final results of PRK are comparable to Lasik but recovery time is frequently slower. However, PRK assures the patient that there are no risks of flap complications. The risks of reducing too much of the cornea with the excimer laser is also minimized. The excimer laser is the device used to precisely reshape the curvature of the cornea’s surface in a very precise manner.

What is Epi-LASIK?

Epi-LASIK is new technology for vision correction that is often recommended by the eye doctor for patients who cannot undergo Lasik due to some limitations. Even if you prefer Lasik eye surgery, it is not for you if you have thin corneas or you have insufficient tissue for a Lasik flap. Epi-LASIK like PRK is suggested as an alternative vision treatment for individuals who face more risks of being hit on the eyes. Epi-LASIK is also a popular procedure but people still prefer Lasik because of the shorter recovery time.

Laser eye procedures differ in a few key areas but you will achieve 20/20 vision after a day or so. There are many sources of information that will make you confident to undergo laser eye treatment like the Facebook page of Singapore’s LASIK surgeon. There is nothing better than knowing all the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision on the type of laser eye surgery that best suits your requirements.

Huge Time Saver – Ordering Food and Drinks Online

Businesses in major metropolitan areas like Singapore should ensure that they can easily be found by the target audience who is searching for food and drinks online. In large urban areas, there is stiff competition and you are just a company among thousands of other companies. For example, Asher’s website has to ensure that the target audience will easily find the business when searching the web. A web user who is looking for your business online will usually type a keyword or phrase on the browser of the computer or mobile device and your website must be the first page of the local search engine results to gain leads and conversions.

online shoppingThe importance of local SEO

With the stiff competition on the web, having a quality website is no longer enough. It is important to ensure the website is optimized for SEO to be able to reach the target market easily. A great deal of local searches in Singapore is location-oriented and you will not miss out on the local traffic to your site if you have good SEO strategies in place. Take the case of Asher’s website which can be searched easily by a customer who wants to order beer, wine or spirits for a party or special occasion. An online search will bring the customer to Asher’s website because of the solid strategies that include link building, social media marketing, directory listing and collaborations with reputable websites. Asher’s website also ensures that the business is relevant through the right content strategy.

How to create relevant content for a website

The first rule in creating content is not to focus on the search engine bots but humans who will read blogs and informative articles. Once you post quality content, you can be sure of being indexed by the local search engines. It is also important for a business in a competitive place like Singapore to create unique and fresh unique with the right keywords for the target audience. When there is fresh and informative content on your website, you will gain the interest of both web users and search engine bots. A large number of web users continue to navigate a site if they find content that is interesting and informative. It is also important for content to include your present location so that the search engines can provide your target audience with the right information and improve user experience.

The importance of responsive design

A large percentage of your target audience will likely search for your site using their mobile devices. This suggests that the website must be responsive so that it can be easily accessed from any platform. If your website is not optimized for mobile, you will miss out on a large number of visitors who are using mobile phones and tablet computers. Always remember that your competitors are also trying to determine the most effective strategies to reach their target audience. Don’t be left out by the competition but make sure that your site can be found easily on any platform to gain the most qualified and relevant traffic to your site.

What Guus taught me about SEO in Singapore

I have met Guus at an international SEO conference I attended in Singapore a couple of years ago. I was looking for a SEO consultant to help me improve my clients’ search rankings and offer me advice on the best practices I should consider when starting a blog. My online marketing experience and my passion for technology were a good starting point, but I needed someone helping me to see the bigger picture and to handle strategic and operational aspects, too. I was in need of a SEO expert who knows how to produce good results and not just show me some statistics that would satisfy my vanity, and I found all I needed with Guus.

I have always thought that a good business partner is someone who teaches you new things and shares with you their knowledge and expertise. Of course, most people prefer to hire someone to get the job done while they can mind their own business, but my expectations are usually a bit higher than that. I don’t claim people I work with to share all their professional secrets with me, of course, but on the other hand, I am very pleased when I manage to expand my knowledge with the help of my business partners.



And Guus proved to be one of those people that I’ve worked with and taught me lots of things. I wasn’t unfamiliar with SEO, but with his help I managed to get a clearer and larger picture of the process instead of applying disparate tactics and obtaining mediocre results.

First of all, Guus explained me all the mechanisms that leads to a website being discovered by search engines, and divided them in two categories: relevance and authority. Ensuring relevance was not a very difficult task for me, as I am an experienced writer and content strategist, but the technical part of SEO had always been a bit more challenging. Guus provided me with a solid strategy including link building (good incoming links), social bookmarking, social proof, directories listing, comments, and collaborating with reputable websites. So, instead of feeling confused and not knowing what to start with, I had a clear plan involving objectives, strategies, and their corresponding tactics.

As I already knew, having a company blog can get you even 500% more indexed and we focused on the relevant content part in the first place. Improving user experience was another major point of our discussions and I realized that writing the kind of content that your users are interested in is just as important as on-site SEO techniques which are aimed at optimizing your website and eliminating any technical issuea. Surely, nobody wants their visitors to hit the “Back” button or search engines to avoid their websites or give them penalties.

But the most important thing I’ve learned is that you must optimize for people rather than for search engines. After all, it’s people, respectively qualified prospects, which you want to attract, rather than those invisible search engine spiders. SEO is after all a means, and not the purpose. Your aim consists of improving user experience, attracting interest for your business and eventually increasing conversion rates.

Progress update on my blogging biz

It feels really good to have reached the fourth post on my blog this year and to see it growing. I have invested some time and effort in my tech junkie blog and I feel like it’s time to draw a line and see how I’ve performed. This post is not only to take some pride in my rather modest results, but also to emphasize the importance of analytics, and area that many bloggers oversee. I am not an expert in blog progress tracking, but checking some stats can help me understand better where my readers come from and how to reach my audiences in a more effective way. This is what my good friend Google Analytics has told me:blog

  • 46,8% of blog visitors are mobile users, which consolidates everyone’s opinion on how important responsive design is;
  • The most successful blog post was “What’s in store for iPhone 7” (153 views), followed by “My visit to Ku De Ta @ Marina Bay Sands” (119 views). This suggests to me that you are interested in more tech-related posts, which are accessible to all categories of users and focus on hot issues, and that you also like reviews and lifestyle topics;
  • The bounce rate of my home page is 50%, so half of the people reaching my blog are not interested enough in its contents to keep navigating;
  • My home page gets 39% of all visits;
  • 24% of visitors come from organic search, and 38% via social media. The rest of people land on my blog from incoming links;
  • The keywords that people find me after are “2015 tech”, “tech junkie”, “SEO”, and “social media expert”. My thought here is I should optimize my blog for long-tail keywords and continue to focus on technology and social media topics;
  • There are around 250 visitors of my blog each month, and the highest peak was mid-January;
  • 72% of traffic comes from Southeast Asia;
  • I have 53 subscribers, and only 38% of them open the emails they receive. This suggests to me that people need an extra incentive to subscribe to my blog and that I should promote my blog posts using more catchy headlines;
  • Blog posts accompanied by images have a slightly lower bounce rate (by5%), compared to those which are just plain text.

What conclusions can I draw from these stats? Well, it seems like my blogging biz is going pretty well considering I haven’t been posting for too much time. My content strategy is going in the right direction, but it needs to particularized a bit more. What recommendations would you make for my blog?

What’s in store for iPhone 7

iPhone is one of the most popular gadgets and each release of a new product is anticipated and sought-after by tech junkies. I have to admit I am curious about further developments in the iPhone, too, and I love reading predictions about the famous smartphone and checking later if they were true.

The last iPhone models, 6 and 6 Plus, were revealed on September 9, 2014, and the new devices had larger screens compared to their predecessors (4.7 and 5.5 inches). 10 million units were sold within the launch weekend.

Considering Apple’s tradition of announcing a new iPhone version every September, there is just half an year remaining until iPhone 7 will be released, and rumors are already being spread by tech experts and Internet users who speculate on the next smartphone’s features and enhancements. I do like my iPhone 6, but I cannot help wondering what its successor will be like, so here are the expectations of the tech community from the famous device to-be-launched:iPhone_7


  • iPhone 7 is expected to include a Sapphire glass display just like the Apple Watch. IPhone 6 uses Gorilla glass;
  • iPhone 7 could be equipped with a 3D display that doesn’t require glasses to see.


  • The Force Technology used in Apple Watch could also be implemented in the next iPhone. This feature allows the device to distinguish between a tap and a press;
  • A rather fantastic, but not impossible feature, could be the home button popping up a spring that could be used as a mini-joystick for playing games;
  • Face recognition to unlock the device could be implemented, eliminating the need of a Home button and allowing Apple to create a larger display.


  • Apple will probably maintain a similar design this year, and keep the rounded edges of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus;
  • The new iPhone won’t get any slimmer because this would affect its battery size and capacity.


  • Some people think that the 8MP camera will be maintained, while other sources predict double-lens camera enabling users to capture DSLR-quality pictures. An optical zoom and better low-light performance were announced by some unofficial voices as well.


  • The new A9 processor could be used for iPhone 7 and will probably be manufactured by Apple, in spite of some rumors claiming that 75% of A9 processors to be used by Apple will be manufactured by Samsung.


  • The price of the new iPhone will probably be higher compared to the previous 2014 versions.


  • The “S” and the “C” naming conventions as in iPhone 4S, could be dropped as they carry a negative meaning. They sound as if they were stepping stones to the next iPhone.


  • The 4.7 inches size seems to be the favorite of iPhone users and will probably be maintained in iPhone 7.


  • Wireless charging or inductive charging is already possible with Apple Watch, and it could arrive with the next iPhone as well.


  • Software upgrades could include better parental control, spilt-screen app multitasking, and group FaceTime calls.

All these are just speculations, and, moreover, who knows if the next iPhone will be actually called iPhone 7? The eleventh iPhone could just as well be named iPhone 6S.

We just have to wait until September to find out. Until then, all you can do is look at this mock-up picture and use your imagination.

My visit to Ku De Ta @ Marina Bay Sands

Singapore is well-known for its sky bars and if you ever travel to the famous insular city state, a visit to a bar offering you a breathtaking view of the city skyline, like Ku De Ta, is a must! You can’t really say you have ever been to Singapore if you haven’t visited one of its sky bars.

If you are familiar with other Asian countries and you think you have heard about Ku De Ta before, this must because of the bar’s other two locations. Ku De Ta is also available in Bangkok and Hong Kong, and in all three cities, it is the kind of place where locals go to be seen and tourists come to take a glimpse of the Asian night life.

My favorite place in Singapore is the Marina Bay Sands, and since Ku De Ta offers a 360-degree view of the place (it is located on the top of the MBS building), I chose this location as my last night out destination. Ku De Ta Singapore includes both a restaurant and a sky bar, and you have to make a reservation if you want to dine there.

I love modern Asian cuisine and I was thrilled when I found about the Chinese New Year Offer at Ku De Ta, which is still available until March 8th.

My overall impression was positive. What I liked was the view over the Marina Bay Sands and the rest of Singapore, the excellent service (even the manager asked if he could assist me), the comfortable seating and the mix between the more formal dining area and the informal lounge area located on the way to the swimming pool. The presentation of the food was top notch, the mix between ingredients was amazing, and the cocktails we ordered at the waiter’s suggestion matched the dishes perfectly.

Next to us there was a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary and the staff brought them a surprise desert where “Happy Anniversary!” was written. Even if I was not there in order to celebrate a special occasion, I didn’t enjoy my visit less than the couple at the other table.ku de ta

What I liked less was the crowd (it usually happens in the weekends, so if you prefer a tranquil atmosphere, go there on week days). The prices were quite expensive, but this is commonplace for Singapore restaurants.

After finishing dinner, the closing hour of the restaurant was approaching (10:30 PM), so I moved with my friends to the club lounge area to burn some of the calories. I’ve had a “Geisha” cocktail, containing gin, sake, rosemary, Chinese pear and yuzu juice. It tasted exquisite to say the least! The crowd made the club a very lively place and everybody enjoyed the music. If you are a party enthusiast who loves to be amongst lots of people you don’t know, this is the place to go!

We left at 2AM, after taking pictures of Singapore’s skyline, and we decided that the next time we come back we must try a wine from their extensive list, too.

Claudia’s fancy new hairstyle

What do you think about the hairstyle in this picture? This is the exact hairstyle I have just asked the hairdresser to do for me yesterday. Yes, I have a new haircut!

Those of you who know me better are probably familiar with my always long or shoulder-length hair and I am sure I will hear some voices saying “Why?!? Why did you cut your hair? It was very beautiful!” The short answer is that I simply like this hairstyle, but I can provide a longer one, too, in case you are tempted to try a bob cut and would like to find about its advantages:hairstyle

  • It suits both straight and curly hair;
  • You can always switch between short and long bob cut; when you have your hair cut, you can opt for a shorter style, and in 2-3 months time, you already have yourself a longer bob that looks great a bit wavy or curled;
  • Your hair dries faster after washing;
  • No more split ends for your hair;
  • It looks more professional and edgy (this was probably the number one reason I have chosen this style);
  • Short bobs are always fashionable (make sure they suit the shape of your face, though. Bob cuts are recommended to women with oval, round or heart-shaped faces);
  • It’s ideal in warmer climates, because there is no long hair on the back of your neck;
  • You don’t wear a ponytail and there is no stress on your hair roots leading to deterioration;
  • It’s suitable for thin hair, as a layered bob cut gives the appearance of a more voluminous hair.

To be honest, there are some disadvantages, too, but in my case, they’re not significant. For instance, a bob cut needs regular trimming as it may grow out of shape, but this is not a problem for me since anyway I am trimming my hair every 3 months no matter how long or short it is, in order to avoid split ends.

Another reason why a bob cut may not be such as good idea is that it limits the amount of hair accessories and styles you can wear. This means bye-bye braids, hair loops, buns, French twists, half up-dos, and all kinds of hair clippers. I am not a big fan of those, as I had my share of them as a little girl, but if you feel you’ll regret those soft locks caressing you shoulders and back or wearing fancy ribbons and other accessories, maybe it is better not to cut your hair.

On the other hand, if all the styling you do to your hair is drying it and wearing ponytails, why not try something different, especially since there will be no special hair beauty ritual you’ll regret. Even Rapunzel had her hair cut at the end of the film, and I think she looked stunning with those crazy short locks pointing outwards!